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Twin River Casino

Twin River Casino

Twin River Casino, located in Lincoln, Rhode Island, is the state’s largest gaming and entertainment venue as well as its top tourist and cultural attraction! Formerly known as Lincoln Park, the renovated facility offers 162,000 square-feet of gaming space with over 4,800 gaming positions. The casino operates over 4,200 video slot machines and virtual table games (including blackjack and roulette), as well as 108 live table games including blackjack, roulette, craps and more. A great alternative to Connecticut & Massachusetts casinos, this unique gaming facility also hosts simulcasting of the best thoroughbred and greyhound racing from around the country, a 29,000+ square foot Twin River Event Center with headline entertainment, free concerts at the Lighthouse Bar, signature cocktails at Blackstone Bar, award winning beer and live music at the Shipyard Pub, as well as live comedy & karaoke every weekend at Rhodehouse Live! Home to the incredible Fred & Steve’s .. Source: Twin River Casino

Simulcasting, Greyhounds

Simulcasting, Greyhounds

You can experience spectacular simulcast wagering at both bestbet locations.  The new bestbet Jacksonville offers 120” TVs to bring you the excitement of every race up close and personal.  bestbet Jacksonville and bestbet Orange Park offer individual table top TV’s and Vegas style carrel seating for comfortable private viewing. Watch and wager on world class thoroughbred and harness racing from across the country along with greyhound racing and Jai Alai.

Our deli style concession and waitress service allows you to relax and choose from a tasteful selection of fresh food and drink while you enjoy the finest in racing and Jai Alai.

Source: Simulcasting, Greyhounds

Video Poker – An Introduction

Video Poker – An Introduction

Video Poker represents the attractive combination of slot machines and table games, but unlike the slots, playing video poker requires knowledge and skill: Unlike video games, video poker does not require nerves of steel or gambling with a high stake. Developed in the 70s, video poker has appeared more and more in online and land-based casinos; Especially attractive for those who are looking for a little more challenge than the slots, but who are not looking for the stress on the cartoons.

Today, there are over 100 different types of video poker, all based on a 5-card hand game. There are no video poker games that offer a multiplayer option; The game is always a single player who compete against the machine. The machine gives 5 cards to the player, as does a dealer or dealer during the correct poker game. The cards are generated and distributed by the random number generator, which can produce 2,598.960 different card hands, which are possible from a 52 card stack; Of course, this number increases when Jacks or “Wild” / Joker cards are used. The player chooses the cards from his first card hand, which he wants to keep and / or which he wants to discard. To do this, press the “Swap” or “Hold” button under the corresponding card. Once a selection of cards has been selected for the exchange, the “Deal” button must be pressed to replace the discarded cards. The substitute cards are distributed and the resulting card hand is valued according to the payout table and a resulting profit is paid or credited.

Video poker concentrates much more on the skills of recognizing the cards and how to play them. In the table game it is more a question of the betting or the profit strategy and how to bluff.

Video Poker is one of the fastest growing casino games, probably because of its simplicity, but also because the payout rates on some machines are over 100%. It is not only that the percentages are quite high, but they are also easy to recognize. All machines are equipped with an attached payout table so players can quickly and easily recognize their chances of winning a particular card hand – especially for the beginner, this is very useful.

The payout table will vary from machine to machine; Which is one of the ways and means that casinos have to make money. For this reason, the player should check the payout table of the machine before he or she starts playing. It is also important to know that video poker is not always video poker and that the variants of the game can influence the chances and the results for the player. So if you play an unknown variant, you can easily and quickly lose your money. There are some video poker variations available in almost all casinos, whether on-line or at a land-based casino; These include Jacks or Better, Joker Poker and Deuces Wild. It is not necessary to learn all variations from the beginning, but it is more advisable to concentrate on a few games and to really master them.

Aces and Faces Video Poker Strategy

Aces and Faces Video Poker Strategy

Aces and Faces is a kind of video poker you can play. In this article, we will look at the strategy in this game. This will help you understand this game and also other video poker games, better. Video Poker offers you different types of card hands that you need for a special payout. For Aces and Faces, these are based on Jacks or better, or five equal cards.

This means that you should have at least a pair of boys or better for you to get a payout. You can also exchange cards. At first, five cards are displayed and each of the five cards can be exchanged for a new card. The replacement of the cards depends on the table below and a few other things that you should consider in your strategy. The table below shows the withdrawals. This can help you decide which hand you want to reach. A Royal Flush pays the most; But the probability is low. In other words, you can reach this card hand in 0.0001% of cases. The chances of a pair are 42% and you will get your bet again and lose nothing.

Sometimes, however, you have the possibility and option to achieve a better card hand. Example: You have two Aces, King, Ten, and Nine. You know you already get a payout for the pair of aces. For this reason, DO NOT swap the two aces against other cards. If you exchange the other cards you have a good chance that you could reach another pair, maybe even a triple or four equal cards. If you have decided to reach a second pair, exchange the other cards. Your chance to reach another pair is lower if you keep one more card.

As with any poker game, you never want to give up a hand. If you do not have a hand, then you should exchange all cards. Most gamblers tend to keep at least one card, the highest. This makes sense only if it is a card in which a couple would pay the most.

If you want to play Aces and Faces, we recommend the Europalace Casino.

How works – Video Poker by Cryptologic

How works – Video Poker by Cryptologic

Cryptologic is best known for its flagship games, but they also offer an excellent selection of video poker games. Video poker games can be classified into three sub-categories – Over Poker, Bonus Video Poker and Video Poker. The video poker category is so to speak the butter on the bread – and this is what our article deals with. The article tries to illuminate the features of Cryptologic developed video poker, which make these games the best of their genre. As a reference we use the game Jacks or Better.

The most important facet you should understand is the mechanisms for placing bets. Cryptologic has no separate video poker games a different number of hands. It allows the player to select this within the game. This selection can be changed after each played hand. The number of hands varies between 1 and 100 at selected stops. The next choice you have to make is the coin value. This varies from 0.10 to 20.00 credits in the currency of your choice. The last parameter is the number of coins. This varies from 1 to 5. Usually the payout with 5 inserted coins in a video poker game for a Royal Flush 800 is 1, sometimes 500 to 1. The total bet per game is the product of the three chosen options and is called “Total Bet “is displayed.

Before the game is activated the player should choose the options for the offered options. There are three different game speeds. At the fastest speed, the animation of the cards is completely dispensed with and the cards are displayed immediately. This is especially for several card hands, up to 25 are possible, very helpful and better for the game flow. In a simple-hand game, some players want to watch them, as the individual cards are revealed one after the other. You should choose the slowest speed. Another useful feature is the auto-hold function. The cards that should be kept are then automatically marked. This will probably affect the appeal or fun of this game, but it is very helpful for new players. The Cryptologic software does not force its players to use this feature. Those of the players who want to do their stakes without help can do this function.

The sound and speech effects can also be switched on and off. In a video poker game there is usually no voice output, so this option has already done itself. The soundeffects are rather modest, so the player is left to activate them or not. The players should be aware that all settings can be made during the game using the setting button.

The payout table is displayed below the cards. You can see the payout for certain card combinations in coins; The player has the option to increase or decrease the number of coins inserted. Each card hand has a certain (or no) payout value that is displayed in color in the table. The game was then played in the usual way. If a player has won a winning combination, the achieved payout appears with a color bar over the card hand. In multi-hand games, no text, but only the color code is displayed.

In the payout table, the order or score of the winning hands is displayed with different numbers of each possible value of the hand. The total profit is not displayed in this table, but in a corresponding field. Video Poker by Cryptologic also has an integrated gamble which can be activated by the button “Double-Up”. Players have the option to double their winning amount if they can guess the correct card color on the next card. You can also quadruple – but you must also guess the type of card.
The leading online casinos with Cryptologic software is the InterCasino.

The history of the roulette game

The history of the roulette game

The first variation of roulette was developed in France in the 18th century. Blaise Pascal introduced a primitive form of roulette as early as the 17th century in his quest for perpetual motion. The roulette wheel probably comes from a combination of the English wheel games Roly-Poly, Reiner, Ace of Hearts and EO, the Italian board games Hoca and Biribi and the French “roulette”, an already existing board game with this name.

The game has been played in its present form since 1796 in Paris. An early description of the roulette game in its current form is in a French novel “La Roulette, ou le Jour” by Jaques Lablee, which describes a roulette wheel at the Palais Royal in Paris in 1796, including the null fields: “There are exactly two fields for the bank through which it enjoys a mathematical advantage.” Then the layout is described exactly “… two fields on the wheel with the numbers zero and double are reserved for the bank.” The book was published in 1801. An earlier reference to a game with this name was published in the Regulations for New France (Québec) in 1758, which prohibit the games “Dice, Hoca, Faro, and Roulette”.

In 1843, in the German spa and casino town of Homburg, the French François and Louis Blanc introduced the single-loch roulette wheel to compete against other casinos that are still the traditional wheel with single and double zero used.

In some forms of early American roulette wheels, as described in the Hoyle gambling books published in 1886, there were numbers from 1 to 28, plus a single zero, a double zero, and an American eagle! Hoyle wrote in his books: “If the ball falls into one of the single, double, or eagle fields, the banker takes all the bets on the table, unless someone puts in one of these squares in the head, then the banker pays In the ratio twenty-seven to one, just like betting on all other numbers. “

In the 19th century the roulette game spread throughout Europe and the USA and became one of the most famous and popular casino games ever. When the German government considered gambling unjustified in the 1860s, the Blanca family moved to the last remaining legal casino in Europe, after Monte Carlo. There they created a gambling mecca for the elite of Europe and there was also the single-lull roulette game the preferred version of the game. Over the years, this roulette version was exported to the whole world, except in the United States, where the double-zero version remained dominant. Some call the roulette game the “king of the casino games”, presumably because it is closest to the glamor of casinos in Monte Carlo.

A legend tells François Blanc allegedly negotiated with the devil to preserve the secrets of the roulette game. This legend is based on the fact that the sum of all numbers on the roulette wheel (1 to 36) yields 666 – the number of the devil!

Evaluation of the Microgaming casino statistics at roulette

Evaluation of the Microgaming casino statistics at roulette

Most online roulette games offer their players generally statistical information. In the case of the casinos, which used the award-winning software from Microgaming, however, there are a whole lot more. Most players ignore this information, which is probably not a bad idea. The proverb, the half-knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge at all, also applies to playing and betting at the online casino. This article looks at the statistics of Microgaming, which are very useful for use with roulette, and how to use it there. We chose the European Roulette from Microgaming as the basis for this.

One of the most obvious statistical information appears in a box at or upper right corner. When numbers are called, they appear in the box.
Red numbers appear on the left, black numbers on the right. The last 13 numbers that were retrieved are displayed in the box.

The first thing the player should notice is that the black numbers are presented in golden color with this roulette variant. However, this should not confuse the players. Most newcomers among roulette players think that the probability of a black number appearing is higher when the previous number was red; and vice versa. This way of thinking, however, is very deceptive and statistically wrong! Each rotation of the roulette wheel is independent of the previous one. All results are subject only to the regularity of the probability.

The next appearing number has the same probability of being red and black, no matter what the previous results were. Most roulette players rely on the red or black numbers. Each placed bet has the same chance to win, and it does not matter whether players are repeating the same color all the time, or whether a color is selected by random or by any other method. If the players bet on the color, which appear less often in the box, this does not mean that they will fall into a trap or lose. If they wager the same bet continuously, only then are they safe. If, however, a lot of black numbers appear in the box and suddenly a high bet is set to red; Can be the evil!

Another feature of the European roulette from Microgaming is a bit more helpful.
Actually, it is more of an indicator than a statistic. It is called “Cover” and is located on the bottom screen layout. There is the percentage of the numbers that have already been published by the bets. If a player bets a chip on the red numbers, he covers 18 of the 37 numbers, which means a chance of 48.65%; This information is displayed in the “Cover” window. If the player adds a chip to the number 0, he covers 19 of the 37 possible numbers and his chance increases to 51.35%. Note that the value of the chip is not interesting. If another chip is set to red, the “Cover” percentage does not increase.

The “Cover” indicator gives the player valuable information that is not concerned with the so-called “cross-bed”. Let’s look at the following scenario. Let us assume that a player places a chip on red and a chip on one of the three columns. If he selects the right column, he covers a profit chance of 59.46%. In the selection of the middle column it will cover 70.27%; When used on the left column, a percentage of 64.86%. This does not mean that its expected profit will be higher if it covers a higher percentage. What it means is that the chance of a profit is higher, but a lesser amount and therefore its expected profit will remain the same. Cautious and rather conservative players would do their stakes at slightly higher “cover” values ​​and hit probability.

‘All or nothing’: € 160,000 Roulette profit

‘All or nothing’: € 160,000 Roulette profit

A professional player emerged as the winner after risking all his possessions on a roulette spin.

Ashley Revell, 32, from Kent, England, wagered £ 76,840 (around € 83,000) in a Las Vegas casino on Red in April 2004 and won £ 153,680 (€ 160,000)!

Mr. Revell, whose profits were broadcasted in the Sky One TV channel, risked everything he had to wager on this daring roulette. Previously, he sold his car and even his clothes in a flea market.

He then traveled with his parents to the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas to win the bet of his life in front of a running camera.

The difference between total bankruptcy and a huge profit came from whether he would put his chips on red or black.

Mr. Revell said that he decided to turn red at the last moment. When the ball finally landed on the red field, he beat around with joy and was celebrated by the cheering crowd.

, Like a ride with the roller coaster ‘

After the great victory, Revell said, “This was the best experience of my life. Now I have to buy new clothes and sunglasses. It was incomprehensible, like a ride with the roller coaster. “

“I have no wife and no children. That’s why I could take such a pure bet. This was my last chance to make something completely crazy before I began the seriousness of life. “

One week before the big bet, Mr Revell tried to increase his stake by scoring $ 3,000 in Las Vegas, but by Wednesday he had only $ 2,000 left.

Here you can see the exciting video of this great roulette win:

If you want to bet big on a roulette game, but do not want to fly to Las Vegas, then we would recommend the Casino Club . Here are the best roulette games on the internet and private tables with table limits up to 10,000 €!

The roulette player who broke the bank of Monte Carlo

The roulette player who broke the bank of Monte Carlo

Joseph Jagger was one of the greatest roulette players in the 19th century. In his brief but exciting roulette career, Joseph Jagger was known as “The Man Who Busted the Bank of Monte Carlo” in history. Joseph Jagger was born in 1830 in the small village of Shelf in England. He started his profession as a mechanic and engineer in the cotton industry. In 1873, he decided to apply his knowledge of mechanics and engineering to roulette. All human inventions, he understood, are prone to error. What if there were flaws in the roulette wheel that could be exploited to his advantage?

Playing on an unbalanced roulette wheel
With these thoughts in the back of his head, Jagger hired three employees who had the task of watching six roulette bikes from the Beaux-Arts Casino in Monte Carlo and secretly keeping records of the winning numbers. When he analyzed the results, Jagger found that five of the Roulette bikes repeatedly produced the random results that no one would expect. In the sixth roulette wheel, however, he found out that nine definite numbers appeared more frequently than all other numbers according to the random principle. Jagger concluded that the wheel was badly balanced. Jagger used his knowledge and started to play on this roulette wheel. Over a period of just four days, he won $ 300,000.

The roulette casino strikes back – 1st round
The Beaux-Arts Casino was of course not very happy to lose so much money. During the night, when the casino was closed, the owners moved the roulette wheels to different tables. The next morning, when Jagger took his usual roulette table, but this time with a balanced roulette wheel, he did not win as he had expected. He noticed, however, that a small scratch, which was present in the unbalanced roulette wheel, was no longer there. He looked around the casino and finally found his unbalanced roulette wheel-with his little scratch-at another table. He started playing again and increased his overall profit to over $ 450,000.

The roulette casino strikes back – 2nd round
This time, the owners thought, everything was done to defeat Joseph Jagger. Every night, after the casino was closed again, all the roulette wheels were taken apart and the positions of the number at the indentations were exchanged. While playing on this modified wheel, Jagger lost for two whole days. Finally, he gave up. He took his remaining profit of $ 325,000 and left Monte Carlo. He never played roulette after that. Jagger announced his work in cotton spinning and invested his $ 325,000 in roulette winnings – the equivalent today would be $ 5 million – in real estate. A ballad that was published in 1892 and had its adventures on the subject and called “The Man Who Busted the Bank of Monte Carlo” became a giant hit in all of the UK. This left Joseph Jagger immortal in roulette history.

How to win at roulette

How to win at roulette

The first thing you need to do is to remember the cruel facts of life. No casino is there for the players, so they will always win. Let’s face it, casinos do business like any other business. They have running costs and want to make profits, too. So, before you are ever playing with the idea of ​​putting a foot into a casino, I strongly recommend that you only bet the amount you can afford to lose. Nowadays, land-based casinos are so “nice” that they even have cash machines that allow you to withdraw a bit more cash. Whether you’re in a real casino, or online, you need to have yourself under control and face the fact that you will not gain a lot of money.

Your profit strategy should be based on the fact that you are not likely to break the bank and will probably only leave the casino with little profit; if any. You can certainly not pay off the mortgage of your house. Always keep in mind that the result or the result of roulette is RANDOM. It has nothing to do with magic or any particular mechanism. Despite these facts, you should enjoy the game and perhaps leave the casino with a small amount – from which you can buy flowers for your girlfriend or wife, right?

Let us now take a look at a few roulette tips & tricks:

Always try to think ahead and be a step ahead. Be 100% realistic about the chances of winning. Roulette is a gamble. DO NOT rely on probabilities. Every new turn on a roulette wheel is a new opportunity. The roulette wheel, unlike man, has no memory. It is a machine operated by a random generator and for this reason the wheel can NOT remember the previous results or sequences. In contrast to a human poker player who opposes you, you can NOT look the wheel in the eyes.

Decide in advance whether you want to play safe or risky. For those of you who still do not know the odds of roulette – the payout for the classic bet is 35-1, if you can predict the next number. For a split bet, or split bet, bet on two numbers so that the rate is now 17-1; If you can predict the correct numbers. For the more cautious players you can recommend the so-called outside bets, where you bet on either red or black or both. The payout here: 1-1; The risk is very low.

You must be able to leave the roulette table at any time. Especially when it really gets tough and you should definitely stop. If you have only lost the last 10 minutes, leave the table and catch fresh air.

Another tip is that you bet on a few numbers before turning the Roulette. Select the roulette table beforehand. Also, make sure you are comfortable with this roulette table. Before you decide to take a seat there; Simply follow the happenings from the distance a bit. No matter how you choose; Always remember that you have come to the casino for entertainment and have fun playing.

We have a last good tip: we recommend to play roulette, especially casino club.

Roulette games of various software providers

Roulette games of various software providers

Roulette is one of the most popular online casinos. This article provides a few guidelines for the players who are looking for a suitable roulette game by the various software providers.

French roulette has the smallest house advantage of all other roulette variations. This variant releases half of the bets in even bets if the result of the roulette wheel produced a zero. Players who expect a benefit from this should find a software vendor offering this variant. Microgaming, Playtech and Boss Media offer French roulette at their online casinos. Some of the larger online gambling software providers that do not offer this roulette variant are Cryptologic, Realtime Gaming, Rival Gaming and Vegas Technology.

Not for all players, the house advantage is the main criterion for choosing a roulette game. Innovative variants inspire them just as much as the chance for big bonuses and progressive payouts. For this reason, some online gambling software providers have introduced roulette games with a special charm. For example, Microgaming offers an innovative roulette variant named Roulette Royale. If a number that you bet is called five times in a row, the player craps the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot in this game paid nearly $ 1 million to a lucky player two years ago, and is probably an indication of why Roulette Royale is so popular.

The regular online roulette player looks for features that make the placing of bets comfortable, especially because players tend to repeat their bets. Although Cryptologic does not offer French roulette or innovative variants, its roulette variants have a car game function. This auto-play feature allows the players to set the same amount on each spin. Or you can select different usage amounts in a certain cycle and set this with the help of the repeat function.

As with the Auto Game feature, the player can set the number of spins. Another aspect of the car game features is that you can store a complex deployment system or pattern. This makes it possible to secure placed call bets and the chips on the layout of the roulette table.
Once the system or pattern has been saved, the car game function will do the rest. The car game function can be turned off after a win, collected winnings, or even after all the losses. The various combinations of this Cryptologic roulette variant make this a powerful tool.

The roulette variants from Microgaming and Expert Roulette from WagerWorks allow the player to set their betting systems or patterns and have them run with the help of the auto-play function. The car game function for these variants, however, allows only the same fixed bets, and not the betting or betting cycles, as with the Cryptologic version. For this reason, roulette players should opt for a variant of Microgaming or Cryptologic, with which they clark best.

We highly recommend Casino Club to play roulette.

The most influential blackjack books and people

The most influential blackjack books and people

Influential Blackjack Books:

The Optimum Strategy in Blackjack (1956)
Beat The Dealer (1963)
• Professional Blackjack (1975)

Roger Baldwin
Roger Baldwin wrote an article entitled ” The Optimum Strategy in Blackjackin 1956 . The article was published by the American Statistical Association magazine and changed the history of the blackjack game forever. It was the first time mathematical theories were used to analyze the game. Baldwin used probability theories, statistics, and calculators to show methods that reduced the casino’s house edge in blackjack. The article was about 10 pages long and consisted mainly of mathematical formulas and how they relate to the card game.

Professor Edward O. Thorp
In 1962, Professor Edward O. Thorp, often referred to as the “Einstein of Blackjack,” extended Baldwin’s basic strategies and added the first known techniques to the now-infamous card counting. Professor Thorp published a famous book on the subject in 1963 and called it “Beat the Dealer” . The book became a national bestseller in the United States. The casinos were so exempted by this book that they began to change the game rules, making it more difficult for the players to win. Again, the casinos secured a house advantage against the player after the rules of the game were changed. It was during this time that casinos introduced automatic card-mixing machines and used several card decks to place the card counters to the craft.

Stanford Wong
The next author, who published a famous book about blackjack, was Stanford Wong, who wrote the book “Professional Blackjack” . In this book computer simulations were used to teach blackjack strategy. Wong’s book was helpful for both beginners and advanced players and quickly became the standard Blackjack Bible for anyone who wanted to learn or master the game.

Julian Brown
Another great contribution to the history of blackjack was Julian Braun, a former IBM employee. Braun, a computer ace, programmed thousands of code lines for an IBM mainframe system that simulated the basic strategy of the blackjack game. He developed new strategies for the well-known basic strategy, as well as the counting of cards, which were published in the second edition of “Beat the Dealer” .

Ken Uston
Electronic card counting devices were introduced in 1977, when Ken Uston’s Blackjack team developed five pocket-sized computer devices that they hid in their shoes. The team won as expected over $ 100,000 in the shortest time, but eventually one of the computers was found and the FBI informed. These devices used publicly known information such as Basic-Strategy, so the FBI had to recognize that it was not fraud. 60 minutes , a popular television news show by the American TV channel CBS, showed a documentary in 1981, in which Uston himself also appeared. Several casinos in Atlantic City have been challenged in this series. Ken Uston later wrote a book called The Big Player ,” in which all the details about his work with the Blackjack game were published.

The MIT Blackjack Team
In the early 1990s, another famous card-counting team called “the MIT Blackjack Team” was founded. The team worked in the tradition of basic strategy and other known card counting techniques, but without any computer-based support. This team won hundreds of thousands of dollars over a short period of time, but eventually they were caught by the casinos and excluded from gambling centers around the world. In 2008 the film 21 appeared with Kevin Spacey, who tells the exciting story of the now famous MIT Blackjack team.

This is the story of the blackjack game in a few words. Blackjack is now one of the most popular casinos in the world, both in land-based gambling houses and on the Internet. If you would like to play online blackjack, we would recommend the Live Dealer Blackjack games from 888 Casino. Here you can play with real dealer blackjack!